Therapeutic Exercise

What I mean as therapeutic exercise ? This is the most potent form of therapy, because it comes from within and allows you to be independent. Once you know how to use your body and mind you don’t need to rely to therapists like me anymore. 

My goal is to facilitate the recovery process not only by passive therapies (such massages) but mostly by education of physical and energetic exercises that you can do easily at home for just 15 minute a day.

I used to post on my socials (@veneziano.therapy) some of these therapies every week. See below for examples. 

Therapeutic exercises that I usually include in the session

Breathing exercises to optimize your oxygen intake increasing your energy & lowering your level of stress instantly. 

Self massages with acupressure points for headaches release & muscle tension. 

Physical Exercises for pain relief for neck , shoulders and back pain. 

Part of the exercises are coming from western practices such as physiotherapy and eastern such as Yoga and Chinese medicine

If you are interested to learn these modalities book your private session (1-to-1) here below. 

You might ask: "Why I should care about these exercises ? I just need a massage..."

Implementing therapeutic exercises is a must and beneficial for you if you want to speed up your recovery process and keep a state of maintenance of your system

Think that our body is like a very expansive sport car, it needs check ups with top off fluids and replace filters, these are your MASSAGES.

A sport car also needs roads to express its power otherwise the engine gets flooded or rusty, these are your THERAPEUTIC EXERCISES.

Now, you don’t need necessary to implement all the exercises at once in one session but you can choose which one you like more or gives the most benefits for you. 

Massages are passive treatments which are very potent if are used in the beginning of the process as natural pain inibitor. 


Non sei sicuro/a se il mio programma di riabilitazione cervicale fa al tuo caso ?