The pleasure TRAP you need to avoid

In recent years we have seen the irresistible advance of technology also in health care.

Today I came across one article where scientists compared massage chair therapy with physiotherapy.

56 participants were enrolled to receive either physiotherapy (n = 25) or mechanical massage using the massage chair (n = 31).

Cost-effectiveness was analyzed by comparing the sum of physiotherapy fees and monthly rental fees for chair massage.

Conclusion of the study : 

The home massage chair system was cost-effective, but pain control and disability improved more with physiotherapy. However, our results showed that the massage chair is a promising treatment for pain control and quality of life modification, but efficacy is still superior in physiotherapy and the chair is not a replacement for physiotherapy.

My point of view :

Can technology give us the opportunity to reach pleasure without physical exercise, without effort, without the hands of a massage therapist or the guide of a physiotherapist? Can technology resolve my low, neck pain?

The answer is a short NO and always will BE.

And here is the WHY. 

I will try to explain guiding you in a hypothetical scenario researching the root causes of pain.

Look at painful sensations in our body as a fire alarm. Something is in danger and the body receptors ask for a change: a different posture, a different way of moving, a different way of thinking, a different way of dealing with stress, or maybe a different way of eating. Or perhaps the body is waiting for a combination or a sum of all of these I mentioned.

Our body is extremely intelligent to adapt to every situation and will compensate with any strategy to do not give you PAIN, but when the situation is critical, no compensation will be implemented anymore and now you are craving for HELP.

Now the dangerous pleasure TRAP starts to appear in our life. 

Since as humans, we seek immediate pleasure,  we want a quick solution. In this case a nice, long last, warm, massage (chair or therapist doesn’t matter now). And it will work in the short term.  Here is the problem, the pleasure trap.

You expect a quick solution but probably it will be the longest one. 

As I already mentioned in previous blog posts the need for a change is not just in relaxation of the body but in behavioral changes.

Something need to be changed and not just in an anatomical way.

The point here is not to compare what is better between the two, rather to give you an explanation that the relaxation alone won’t change your low back or neck situation.

In chronic problems (those that last more than 3 weeks) the mechanism of change needs to be activated by specific physical exercises and movements you need to learn and implement.


Muscles, tendons, and bones need to be in balance in order to reestablish a healthy situation.  This means that some of the structural components of your body need to be strengthened, others stretched and/or relax at the same time.

You can see here that we are talking about passive and active components that are working at the same time 24/7.

When one structure (muscle, tendon, etc.)  is relaxed can be considered passive and vice-versa if is contracted.

When balance is reached, harmony in the body is established and the fire alarm goes off.

Now is a bit more complicated than this of course, since many factors can play a role in the balance (see stress, psychological problems, etc…)  but I wanted to give you an idea that for those active compartments we need to physically be engaged in an activity in order to gain balance.

During your nap, on the massage table, or on the massage chair the engagement is 0, null, nada, Niente.

The same can happen in other situations when we talk about medication but this will be in another story or post in the future.

My conclusion

Feel free to relax your body with any form of therapy any time you want, but remember that without active engagement you will not solve problems but rather you will cover them.

Always balance active and passive treatments.

Example :

Massage with Physical Exercises ;

Acupuncture with Physical Exercises ;

Dry Needling with Physical Exercises ;

REST followed by ACTION and viceversa.

This is the explanation of my logo actually. The YIN and the YANG.

I hope I gave you some more input to start or schedule your next run or walk of the week 🙂

Until the next post,

Thank you for your attention


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