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Therapeutic Massage
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Do you suffer from one of these conditions ? :

– neck or shoulders pain
 -back or hip pain
– knee pain 

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Normal Price : 65 euro / 50 minutes 
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Gain range of motion, re-establish your natural movements

Boost Nervous System

When your body is at ease
it can start the natural healing process

Rehab Program

Follow up your massage with tailored therapeutic exercises.
Maintain your physical wellbeing

Alessio Veneziano

Holistic Therapist / Physiotherapist in training

10 years of experience as Massage Therapist.

Passion for Functional Nutrition (using food as medicine)

Alessio is specialised in muscular skeletal rehabilitation. 

Let him help you recover your conditions by using  Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Physical Exercises that have been scientifically proven to give you the best lasting results. 


Get 30% Off
Therapeutic Massage

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