NECK PAIN - The holistic approach resolution - Active vs Passive Treatments 


It’s to give you an overview of the real solutions and tips to effectively manage this issue avoiding endless treatments.

I personally have been struggling with this problem for years, even before I took my career in massage therapy & physiotherapy where I deeply studied the mechanism behind it.

More than 70% of the people that are approaching my private practice suffer from it and most of the time they also have tried multiple therapies without success.

First, let’s talk about the MYTHS of NECK PAIN

1. “You have pain because you have a bad posture”
False: there is no such “good posture” to be identified in physical therapy.

2. “You have pain because your Spinal Disks have degenerated”
False: Each one of us eventually will occur in degenerations of the disk, is called the “aging process” and doesn’t mean that all of us will get cervical or neck pain in the future. Studies show people with spinal degeneration and not have any symptoms.

3. “It’s chronic have you have to live with it so accept it”
False: Chronic problems in this area are surely delicate to resolve since the interaction of multiple nerves in the area can influence the healing prosses. However, with the correct rehab program and active participation (means doing the exercises daily at home) you can expect great improvements for the first week.

The holistic approach with Passive therapies and Active therapies

I also made an Instagram post about this important difference (active and passive)

Passive Therapies are treatments you receive without active involvement in the process like massage therapy, vice versa in Active Therapies you are the leader of the treatment, for example during exercise therapy, or active stretching.

Both of these therapies have to coexist to resolve the problem. Why ? 

With passive therapy, you RELAX the system in order to prepare the RESET for a REBUILDING with active treatments. I hope it makes sense.

The process is simple but I can guarantee you that most of the population is going just with one solution without embracing both of them. As always avoid the extremes, the solution is in the middle. 


• Rehab with an exercise program (start from these short exercises )
• Manage your Stress with stress management (For example, doing the breathing 4-7-8 here )
• Anti-inflammatory Diet (Keto Diet and Intermitted Fasting)
And for this, I recommend listening to a great episode of a podcast here

Diet / Nutrition is also frequently underestimated. An unbalanced diet can raise your blood sugar level resulting in inflammation of important body tissues like muscles, tendons, skin.

So please consider always the combinations of the treatments and, finally,  will hit the goal of regaining your energy and free of movement.

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