In your first holistic session with me

STEP 1 - Evaluation

The first things I evaluate it’s your actual status of well being by checking your movements limitation, level of pain, and stress factors that can influence your normal recovery process. 


STEP 2 - Personalized rehabilitation plan

According with your goals we can decide together how to start your recovery process for short and long term benefits and what to include in it. 

For example : 

  • Holistic Massage for pain and stress relieve (SHORT TERM)
  • Therapeutic Exercise to rebalance your nervous system (LONG TERM)

STEP 3 - Therapy Time

In the same day/session we can start our rehab process based on our goals.

An holistic massage and/or therapeutic exercises will take place at this time. 

Once the therapy session is finished I’ll make sure to send you all the necessary info by email so that you can continue indipendly your recovery also by your own. Follow up sessions will be booked based on your progression. 

In which problems I CAN help you

My evaluation and rehabilitation plan is suitable for :

In which problems I CAN NOT help you

There are certain conditions I prefer do not treat because there is not much I can do for it. 

Can we work together ?

I only want to work with motivated people, with whom I know I can do a good job.

I work with a few people, so that I have plenty of time to create a successful work plan.

Plan your first Session with me

Do you feel like massage can help you, but you don't know where to start?