I grew up in northern Italy (Turin),  in a traditional (Sicilian) Italian family where delicious food was always on the table.
Passionate for soccer I started my career in this sport when I was 9 years old.

My dad used to bring me to the football field for every training. I was very competitive  (and still I am) and my dream was to become a professional football player. I thought to have the quality and the motivation to get to the top. However, I never made it.  I quit my career when I was 17 due to a long-lasting injury/inflammation (pubalgia), and it was not a casualty I think, because my passion for sport has been translated into human science and in particular Physiotherapy.

A long rehab did not help my recovery, but in the meantime, I was learning all the theory: the anatomy of muscles and bones and their functions.
I started to read a lot about the topics and going to different physiotherapists helped me to understand their craft better.
In the end, I decided to quit the career since my legs were still not completely healed and my train to the professional world passed already.

In the following years,  I got into a period of depression realizing that my dream was not going to be real.
I felt the urge to know more about injury recoveries and their cause so that eventually I could have helped people in the future who suffered from the same problems.

So I’ve been trying to get into university to study Physiotherapy. I did not pass the selection for 2 consecutive years.
The competition is very high in Italy, the number of participants too high and the seats available very low.
So I decided to study Massage Therapy in a private institute. I took another path to get to the same goal. Helping people to recover from inflammations.

After getting my diploma I traveled for 3 years, working as a massage therapist. It was wonderful. I moved from Italy to New Zealand to Australia, to France. A new world opened to me with opportunities and new languages learned. A discovered the power of food as medicine.

I got a lot of positive feedback during my craft as a masseur. I loved helping people to feel better and more relaxed. I thought that this job was something for me and I got more day by day. I saw my future in this direction.
I loved the backpacker life but another cycle was closing in front of me and I needed to upscale my expertise. Physiotherapy and Nutrition were always in my head.

So, since I learned English during my travels I decided to give the last try to become a physiotherapist in the Netherlands, studying in one of the most recognized universities in Europe, Hanze University in Groningen.
And now here I am doing the job I always loved, learning more about nutrition and applying my knowledge to help as many people as possible.

Learning is a beautiful never-ending process. At the moment  I’m diving into physiotherapy and nutrition full time.
Combining these subjects is very powerful because if used in the right way can contribute to lowering inflammation and healing the body and mind.

Physiotherapy uses movement as medicine.
Massage Therapy uses hands as medicine.
Nutrition uses food as medicine.
Combine the 3.

More I learn. More I practice. More I get passionate. Because I see the importance of helping people to get better.
For now, I hope you got to know my path a bit better.
Until the next post,
With Love and pleasure,

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