Holistic Massage

After almost a decade of practice I do not focus just on one particular style of massage but I rather prefer to mix what I feel is the best for you and your body.

In my holistic approach I use tequinques from Thai, Deep Tissue, Ayurveda, Reflexology and Physiotherapy.

I work on releasing contractures and tensions with the goal to rebalance your natural status, free from stress and aches. 

I do feel when I can use more or less pressure, paying particular attention on your body feedbacks. 

The massage session takes normally 50 minutes

Main Benefits : Release Muscle Tension , Stress, and Pain. 

Suitable for : Persistent Pain, Contractures, Stiffness, Headaches, Scar tissue release

You can enjoy the session listening soft meditative music that I personally selected for you in order to facilitate your relaxation. 


Release Tension & restore Ease

What is Holistic Massage Therapy ?

The term “holistic” in ancient medicine means “whole”. The total body is taken in consideration when treating a particolar condition. 

The Easter ancient medicine mentions 12 principal meridians , also called energy channels connected to the main organs. They are paths through which the life-energy known as “qi” flows. 

Sometimes, due to unbalanced lifestyle the “qi” can be “stuck” or decreased. Massage Therapy, and in particular Thai Massage can work by pressures on particolar points on these lines, releasing blockages to restore the natural balance. 

Meridians Body Map from Ancient Chinese Medicine 

Which massage oil I use

100 % organic coconut oil (unscented)

This natural product has the perfect characteristics to be used on every body. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic  properties, is not sticky and the rate of absorption in the skin is just right!  I prefer the unscented version for my clients. 

Follow Up with therapeutic Exercises

I am confident enough to say that after the massage treatment you will feel much better.

However, In order to maintain an healthy status (for long term benefits) you need to implement a personalised exercise routine and an active and balance lifestyle. 

 I will guide you and teach you the best exercises after treatment so that we can progress together towards your goals.

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