Mind-Body Therapy

My Approach

This is an overview of what I do offer you with Mind-Body Therapy. It has an holistic approach that takes in consideration your whole person not just your physical complains.  

Treating a physical condition without considering for your mind-set, diet, emotional and physical stress can lead to just temporary relief. 

With a mind-body therapy you don’t cover your symptoms, you resolve them from the root. 

Your body has the potential to heal when you provide the right environment. 


My mind-body therapy includes : 

Advanced Holistic Massage Therapy

This is a hands-on therapy. It’s 50 minutes session particularly recommended for people who suffer from acute pain and/or feel stressed in their body and mind. 

By a combination of soft/deep pressures and strokes you will feel more relaxed and a sense of ease. 

I recommend this therapy at once/twice per month if you want to maintain your general feeling of wellness. 

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Neuromuscular Re-education Therapy 

Repetitive movements or “wrong” postures can put daily stress on your body. This can result in aches and pains after physical activities.

By learning new efficient ways of moving your body you can resolve present or prevent future complains. 

This is a learning process therapy. Once the movement/posture is learned it will be performed automatically in the future. 

It will take between 3-6 weeks, based on your amount of training, to be implemented in your system. 

We are going to work on your body awareness combining also sessions of body strength if is necessary. 

Breathing exercises are also included in this therapy, training your main breath muscle, the diaphragm, is very beneficial to rebalance your nervous system.   

This is a 50 minutes hands off treatment . Home exercises are provided in the end of the session. 

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Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) -> For Chronic Pain Sufferers 

This type of therapy has been used in the last decade to treat successfully most of chronic pain conditions (also called “neuroplastic pain”). 

This is a phenomenon associated with changes at the nervous system which amplifies pain signal transmission to the brain.

The treatment involves :

– developing knowledge and insight about neuroplastic pain ;

– guided mindfulness ;

– emotional journaling ; 

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Exercise Therapy to Increase Energy & Decrease Stress 

This classes are provided for people who want to learn natural ways to increase energy and decrease stress by : 

Yoga Exercise Routines ; 

– Breath Work ;

– Meditation/ Visualisation Tequinques ;  

– Information & Advices about Healthy Lifestyle Changes (BioHacking) such as Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Natural Supplement, Sleep etc ; 

I do provided these sessions as add-on of the other therapies already mentioned above ( PRT , Massage, Muscular Re-education ) 

This is a 45 minute practical class . 

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Healing Program for Chronic Pain Sufferers – Full Immersion

This is a 9 weeks program (1-1 and online) that includes all the therapies and knowledge I have learned and practice during my years of career in mind body therapy. In these 9 consecutive weeks I will assist you personally with a customised program based on your goals, needs and conditions. 
I will provide all the materials, tool and knowledge you need to have a successful journey. 

If you are interested to start this program with me please write an email to alessio@venezianotherapy.com and I will get back to you. 


Non sei sicuro/a se il mio programma di riabilitazione cervicale fa al tuo caso ?