I have tried the carnivore diet for 4 weeks and…

I have tried the carnivore diet for 4 weeks and…

In this blog post, I’ll get you through my experience with this extreme elimination diet.

First of all, we have to define what a Carnivore Diet is and why I decided to give it a try for 1 entire month.


All animal products (Dairy, Meat, Organs) and preferably not processed.


Mostly: to see if there were chances to heal my psoriasis and secondly because of the experience. As a health coach, I give dietary advice, and I wanted to know by practice and not just from knowledge.

This is a skin condition that causes red, itchy scaly patches. I have this on my knees, groins, and part behind my ears. Psoriasis in traditional western medicine is identified as a “common, long-term (chronic) disease with no cure “.

I’ am passionate about chronic disease in general and I know that our lifestyle factors play a big role in the situation, especially when we talk about Gut Health.

I did extensive research on scientific/medical databases to see any evidence/link about psoriasis and carnivore diet. As you can imagine I found very few studies with very small group sizes, most of the time with just one participant and no evidence of a cure.

Now, taking apart for a moment what science says, I gave some credit to the hundreds of people’s experiences shared on the internet with amazing successes. There is some evidence but they are not scientifically proven yet.

Looks like that for some people with immune conditions some plants react badly releasing chemicals that are actually harmful.


Eating just meat for a month was sometimes uncomfortable and you need a lot of discipline to do not give up. But knowing that I was doing this experiment for health was giving me the extra push I needed.

Fully determined, I took the decision and I started to plan my grocery shopping for the following days and weeks.

Now we have to mention that previously to this change I was eating already clean with a lot of varieties of vegetables, no sugar, e low refined carbs.

I was following pretty much what you can consider a keto diet (low carb, no processed food, gluten-free, high-quality fat) for already more than 6 months, and the psoriasis symptoms were going up and down.

I couldn’t find the reason for the triggers, and I was mainly researching the cause of the food I was eating. I know now that trying to find the 1 cause of the problem is time wasted since there is a correlation with many factors.

But what if my diet was still not optimal? no matter the quality of the food?


My energy and mental focus in the first week increased then slowly went down from the second week.

Bowel movements were dysregulated (Once every 2/3 days).

Weight Loss: I lost 6 kgs in 4 weeks (I did not need it to be honest, since I was already at normal weight)

Cravings between meals: NO craving at all (mostly due to the high fat intake).


Itchiness from 0-10 was 7 in the beginning. Now it’s 3 or 4.

The level of skin inflammation from 0-10 was 7 in the beginning. Now it’s 4 or 5.



I would consider it an option in moderate to extreme cases but not for mild ones like mine. The determination to follow this diet has to be very high and 4 weeks are not enough to give some conclusion if it’s working or not.

Constipation was my main problem even with supplementing minerals.

Secondly, the level of fatigue was a side effect I did not expect.

Moneywise can be also expensive since you want to eat/ drink very high-quality products such as grass-fed organic.


Since you are eliminating most of the food you eat you can finally see if triggers like itchiness are appearing for some particular reasons. In this case, can be stress or the type of meat (I found beef or lamb work better for me than pork for example).

Slowly after a week4, I decided to reintegrate some vegetables with high fiber to help my constipation, such as broccoli, kale, and cauliflower, and got better instantly.

Slowly also reintegrating some pre and probiotic food for gut repairs like kimchi, Chaga mushroom, raw ceremonial cacao, and goat kefir.


The key: stay away from the extreme diet if is long-term and you have a mild skin condition.

After an elimination diet reintegrate the food slowly (wait 2 or 3 days and see how you feel before proceeding to the next one).

I found eggs, nuts, caw diary, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and bread to be my main food triggers.

Psoriasis is actually going down slowly week by week. Still early to give the verdict.

I am looking forward to giving you good news in the next months.

For now, thank you for your attention

Until the next post,

Stay active and healthy,


Alessio Veneziano

holistic therapist & health coach

I help people optimize their health trough nutrition, movement, stress management and mindset.

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