How to increase your energy by rebalancing your body clock

Hi all, in this post, I will talk about how to increase your energy simply by rebalancing or re-synchronize your circadian rhythm. What is your circadian rhythm?  It is known as a natural body rhythm that takes about 24-h, where the light-dark cycles synchronize biological functions with the body and mind.  The circadian system coordinates […]

Chronic Neck Pain and Stress : How to solve it ?

In this article, I would like to talk about a problem I suffer from for a long time: Chronic Neck Pain. I want to share how I solved it for myself first and for my clients. But first, before we continue: HOW do you know if your  PAIN is CHRONIC?  Simple: Do you suffer from […]

I have tried the carnivore diet for 4 weeks and…

I have tried the carnivore diet for 4 weeks and… In this blog post, I’ll get you through my experience with this extreme elimination diet. First of all, we have to define what a Carnivore Diet is and why I decided to give it a try for 1 entire month. WHAT IT INCLUDES IN THE […]

The pleasure TRAP you need to avoid

In recent years we have seen the irresistible advance of technology also in health care. Today I came across one article where scientists compared massage chair therapy with physiotherapy. 56 participants were enrolled to receive either physiotherapy (n = 25) or mechanical massage using the massage chair (n = 31). Cost-effectiveness was analyzed by comparing […]

NECK PAIN : the holistic approach with passive and active treatments

NECK PAIN – The holistic approach resolution – Active vs Passive Treatments   MY GOAL IN THIS POST It’s to give you an overview of the real solutions and tips to effectively manage this issue avoiding endless treatments. I personally have been struggling with this problem for years, even before I took my career in massage […]

My path to becoming a Therapist

MY PATH TO BECOME A THERAPIST I grew up in northern Italy (Turin),  in a traditional (Sicilian) Italian family where delicious food was always on the table. Passionate for soccer I started my career in this sport when I was 9 years old. My dad used to bring me to the football field for every […]