Alessio Veneziano

Holistic Therapist | Health Coach

My name is Alessio Veneziano, born and raised in the north of Italy. I am 29 years old. 

I was 18 when my first teacher helped me resolve my chronic neck pain through massage and daily yoga. I become super passionate about these 2 arts. I wanted to know more to help others suffering from the same problems. 

I studied and practice also other alternative medicine tools,  such as breathing exercises, meditation attending an intensive course in Vipassana Meditation (10 days of silence, more details here and later on integrative medicine (using food and body work as medicine)

In the beginning it started as a hobby, helping myself, friends and family members with various injuries or conditions like : neck and back pain, digestion problems, headaches, skin rushes.

After I attained my first diploma in massage therapy in Italy (2017) I decided to get some experience in other countries. 

I moved first to New Zealand where I worked for different wellness centers as yoga and massage therapist. 

I loved so much this craft that I continued the experience also in Australia and France.

In 2020 I decided to move to The Netherlands to get another point of view with physiotherapy and a minor in psychology studying at Hanze University.  

Now I mix all the knowledge from different school of though (western and eastern) to get to the root cause of unbalances.

I help my clients reaching Body/Mind Balance using  passive treatments (such as massage) in combination teaching active therapeutic exercises to enhance and maintain the optimal balance. 


My vision

I see diseases and injuries as unbalances, waiting for a better environment to be healed and vanish in a natural way.

We are conditioned by the people around us, the job we do and who we think we are. 

Nature has supplied us with abundance of solutions. I do not support a medical system based on long term  medication without first try potent natural remedies that most of the time are already available inside us. 

I embrace the teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Taoism with the knowledge of Western Medicine.

Dream and mission

One of my biggest dreams is to create a wellness/medical center where finally Western and Eastern medicine are mix together. 

Finally, a place where health is achieved without endless pills prescriptions, side effects and injustice suffering.

Free Time 

In my free time, you can catch me hiking, biking, traveling and spending time in nature.

I hope to meet you in my practice, 

Stay Active and Stay Healthy.


Holistic Therapist 

Do you feel like massage can help you, but you don't know where to start?